Parallax Shortcode:

Header of Parallax Goes Here

Paragraph text goes here.
  • title
    • title is the green header text displayed at the top of the parallax window
  • padding
    • padding sets the inner top and bottom spacing of the parallax window
  • position
    • only accepts the top attribute
    • ONLY use this when the parallax will line up with the page title (is the first item on the page)
  • bgimage
    • bgimage sets the background image for the parallax window
    • Enter the direct link to the image by clicking Media > selecting the image > and copying the URL field
  • Content (paragraph text)
    • The content of the parallax is entered between the shortcode tags. This text is affected by text alignment, so if you'd like the text centered, select the entire shortcode and hit center
  • title, padding, bgimage, and content is not required
    • Default padding is 50
    • A default bgimage is added if none is entered
  • Be sure to close the shortcode!